Imagine the scene… A van pulls up at hotel. One woman jumps out of the vehicle screaming a name. The woman being called likewise yells out a name and runs forward. The women meet halfway and embrace with enthusiastic hugs and greetings, and plans to meet up later.

It is obvious that these two women have an intimate relationship … They are family, or perhaps best friends.

On checking in, the hotel clerk mentioned the closeness between the two women.

“You met your family here?”
“We’re not related.”

“Oh. How long have you known each other?”
“A year.”

“You get to spend lots of time together then?”
“No. Just a matter of days during two events.”

“You must talk lots on the phone?”
“Phone. Have we ever…? I see some of what is going on in her life on Facebook, and the same for her with my life… When we bother to post.”

“You two appear to be the best of friends. … How do you know if you even like each other?”
“Well, we did chat over dinner once, and another conversation or two while driving somewhere… We have a couple things in common….”

“But… I don’t get it… Why are you two so close?”
“Oh, that’s easy. We are sisters in Christ. We have the same goals – getting our family, friends and acquaintances into heaven. We want the best for each other. We will pray for each other, even without being asked. Whether it is a message on Facebook, a text message or a real phone call, we are there for the other even if it cannot be physically. She knows I love her, and I know she loves me because we have that bond through Christ our Lord. She encourages me and I encourage her. Like Paul in Philippians 1:3-5 I can thank God for the work in the kingdom she does, and for the prayers she offers up on my behalf for the work I am trying to accomplish. I know that I will always be welcomed by her because we are sisters in Christ.”

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